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1988 Presidential Election Essay - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

To write a competent 1988 Presidential election essay, any given student is simply required to cover the election expedition of 1988 in the United States. In this period, the United States featured what is identified as an open primary, for both the Republican and the Democratic. President Ronald Regan was vacating office, singularly after his term of office had expired, as required by the Twenty second amendment. His Vice president was one George H.W Bush, who won the nomination of the republican, while at the winner in the side of Democrats was known as Michael Dukakis, who was the governor of Massachusetts.

Bush had a vision of capitalizing the economy, and developing a more stable stage internationally. He won over Dukakis, becoming the first incumbent United States Vice-President to win an election in 152 years, since 1836, when Martin Van Buren had won. The winning too saw Republican win three presidential elections in a row. The same thing which happened to Van Buren in 1940 would also come to be on Bush, no one was reelected for a second term.

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Home Services Essay 1988 Presidential Election Essay


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