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At one time or the other, you might want to get help from a writing company. You may be a good writer, but time may not be on your side. You may also lack the skills needed to write a professional document be it academic, business, resume or admission essay. When you run a search on Google for "best custom writing company", you get millions of results nad filtering through this noise can be a douting task. Actually some of the services that rank very high are owned by crooks who just optimize there services for search engines, but lack proper business ethics. American Writing Center have looked into some of the issues that can help you identify fake and fly-by-night companies.

Characteristics of genuine custom writing services.


The best custom service provider will be reliable in terms of time. It should be a writing company which will give you enough writing support right from the beginning. The best service provider guarantees a timely submission of your essay order regardless of its technicality. They will also not take your order and return it later, claiming that it is out of their scope.


Originality is a basic factor to consider when choosing good genuine custom writing services. The best writing company will give you a guarantee of submitting an original essay to you. They will have invested in genuine plagiarism screening software to ensure you get non plagiarized essays. The best writing companies will understand the consequences of plagiarized work and will not submit a plagiarized essay to you.

Quality writers

If you want to know whether a writing company gives comprehensive genuine custom writing services, you should check its writers. A reliable writing company will have the best exposed writers who will have no trouble crafting you an essay. The best writers are the ones holding experience in academic writing, and writers who have been lecturers before will be the best for a writing company.

Privacy guarantee

A genuine custom writing service provider will not disclose your privacy. You might not want your privacy disclosed and the writing company in question should understand that. They must understand that using personal information like email addresses and other forms of identification without permission is a crime. They should also never post your complete essay on free websites or resell it to any other client.

They should be affordable

A genuine custom writing service provider will not charge exorbitant fees. It is important too not to choose a writing company which is extremely cheap, because chances are high that they write cheap essays. The best service provider will therefore be a moderate one in terms of charges. Beware too of writing companies which demand for full payment without delivery of work, some might not be genuine, hence check their authenticity before you pay. There must be no hidden charges.

  • Live chat services

It would be easy to identify if a writing company is a genuine custom writing service provider through it's services. The best dedicated writing company will have a toll free chat service to ensure it listens fully to the needs of it's clients. A chat service ensures a rapport is reached at between you as a client and the writing company, to ensure you get enough support in relation to the essay written. It should also have a knowledgeable client support staff which will answer your queries at any time of the day.

Free editing and revisions.

If a writing company guarantees you free editing or revisions on your essay, know it is a genuine custom writing service provider. The best writing company should have an editing panel, which will re-read your essay to ensure it is standard. They should also offer to revise your essay free of charge if you find it below your expectations.



Home Company Characteristics of genuine custom writing services


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