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Defining article critique as a paper that gives a fine assessment of an article or a book gives the impression that, a writer of an article critique has to make their own independent mind about the paper or the book. The writer is required to analyze the given article or the book and form a critical point of view. The is a center specializing in writing academic papers and articles. The center helps students and other professionals in writing and will help grandly in your article critique writing. All you need to do is to order for the to write for you a critique of a book or an article of your choice. Many tutors are ordering students to write critiques of article written by fellow students or those that are found in school libraries. Students who are not well versed in writing articles are hard pressed writing article critique. Many of them are turning to help outside the school, especially the on-line help. Many centers like offer such help at a fee. A custom written article critique does not cost much, but goes a long way in improving the grades for the student.

      The offers students with guidelines of writing such critiques. The most important part in writing critiques is that, the student has to start by reading the article and annotating it as he/she reads. The second part is noting of the authors thesis statement or the main point of the article. The advises students to divide the article into different sections. The sections have to have difference in thought as you summarize them. Once the student has accomplished these, then he/she is in a position to start writing their critique article.

 According to the writing format of an article critique, the student has to write following a given outline as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Review and evaluation
  • Conclusion


Here the student is expected to start critiquing the article by giving the authors name, article title, source and finally the thesis statement of the article.


This is a brief summary of the articles purpose and main points. The summary must include the evidence cited by the author.

Review and evaluation

This is the main part of the critique article. You are expected to state the credential of the article author, whether the author has used appropriate methods of gathering the evidence he is providing and whether the evidence used is accurate and well used. Further you have to point whether the evidence used by the author also lead you to the same conclusion as his, is the article well articulated, are there other forms of evidence that may refute the authors argument and whether the author is successful in making his point.


The student is expected to state whether they concur with the author and back up their description by stating the reasons why. Wrap the conclusion with a general opinion of the article.

      The has a team of writers who are highly experienced in writing article critiques. The center has masters and PhD professional, who assist students in writing critique articles as well as other forms of writing. The team of writers has in its stable, professional editors and writers from press and publishing houses, with extensive experience in article critiquing. In case you are stuck with writing your article critique, advices you not to be worried. You will be in good hands if only you order for our custom article critique. The center has resources and is connected to libraries in and outside the states. There is no way we may miss to have a copy of the article you intend to critique. The works on 24/7 time schedule and will always be there for you at any time of the day or night. The client support team will handle your order and expedite it at the first-est time possible. The center is capable of handling and critiquing any type of an article irrespective of the volume. Visit ordering page and make your order.


Home Academic Article Critique


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