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Correct use of English is vital to the credibility to any written work. Dissertations benefit greatly from clear and yet concise content presented correctly following the highest standards of dissertation writing.

Based on these rules, has the best proofreaders to ensure that before your document is submitted, it is free from any plagiarism, devoid of spelling mistakes as well as being presented in the desired format. The mind works faster than the pen or typewriter and as such sometimes we think we have written what we wanted to write only later do we  learn that we actually did not write it at all or wrote it but with  mistakes.

Most of the mistakes we make are normally out of the subconscious mind which can be caused by two:

subconscious errors:

  • Faulty information from the kinesthetic memory, for instance if you have always misspelled the word 'organization', you will misspell it time and time again, thinking that you have written  it correctly.
  • Inattention, the mind is always a head of your writing speed and you may write the wrong thing just by losing focus for split second.

Proof reading is a skill that is perfected over time and not ones' in-borne ability. It is a skill that is acquired through practice and at, we have skilled proofreaders who have been on the job for a very long time and can spot mistakes from a mile a way,even the most hidden mistakes will be noted. proofreaders have perfected their skills knowing that even for the most experienced of proofreader, it is easy to miss a mistake and therefore they go through the articles several times just to ensure there are no mistakes left behind.

The reason it is good to engage the services of professional proofreaders such as those from is because it is twice as hard to detect mistakes in your own work.

Publishing houses normally hire teams of proofreaders and yet mistakes still do happen. does not take proofreading lightly as mistakes made in the subconscious mind are very easy to miss. A proofreader may read a sentence as it is supposed to be and not how the writer has written it. Our proofreaders understands that  good proofreading is not complete without a careful survey of the dissertation to ensure that it is in order and the information contained in it is accurate. With this in mind, proofreaders know exactly the method to go about detecting these kinds of errors by reading the text from a hard copy as opposed to reading it from the computer screen.

At, our proofreaders are equipped with all kinds of resources such as Internet and even tools such as dictionaries. Proof reading requires the use of a dictionary to verify the meaning of words; this is to alleviate cases of mixed meanings. Also at, we do word by word check for spelling and grammar errors as sometimes computer error checking programs may not detect all the errors.

  Proofreading is more than just a quick check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. It is ones' final opportunity to  polish their work and ensure that what they intended to say is what has been said and correctly so and at, we not only subject a writing to several readings by different people, we let it lie for some days then take a fresh look at it again. It is a great technique to let the document down for a few days then take a fresh look at it, when you do this you have a greater chance of spotting other mistakes you may have not spotted on the first reading as your mind is fresher.

Home Academic Dissertation Proofreading Services


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