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Book review is criticism of a book based on its style, content merit and even its relevance. The reviews may or may not be published in the journals or Internet. Such kind of reviews are often based on personal taste as normally the reviewer gives his personal take on contents of the book. But is book review important? The reason book review is important is :

In case of students, it helps in developing analytical and evaluation skills.

  • Book review can help to reveal information about the author that was not otherwise known to the reader.
  • Reviews can sometimes act as overview of the reception of the book.
  • Reviews gives one an in depth understanding of a book and helps one in developing imaginative thinking. has experienced book reviewers that have in depth knowledge in this genre. First we understand that there is no single set of standards for writing book reviews since book reviews are personal opinions, that means they reflect the opinions of the reviewer which may differ from one reviewer to another. We also understand that reviews greatly vary from one genre to another. For instance the way you would review a text book studied by high school students differ from the way you would analyze a fictional story. In a High school text book situation, you are allowed to delve deeper and unearth all possible explanations to an argument, however on the other hand when dealing with fictions, you can not give away the story. These are skills that are acquired and that   is why offers the best book reviews because our experienced book reviewers have been on the job for a long time and are always ready to share with you their experience to guide you and show you the techniques involved in book reviewing.

 What advantages are there when you choose for your book reviews?

  • We classify books based on plots, style and character, this makes it easy for you to find other books as the one you have based on their similarity in plot, character and style.
  • We just don't give you short commentaries such as 'Good Plot’; we give you the general idea o f the story without giving it out.
  • At, we list all the genres of writing in different segments so it becomes easy to identify what genre you were looking for, for instance love or horror reading.

But that’s not all does, we just don't do reviewing alone. We bring you extracts or where possible whole interviews with your favorite book author, we go ahead to give the list of the best selling books and expert reviews on the same. Just like in our movie review segment, we have a forum where our readers can post their feedback on the books or even to add an opinion on a book that has been reviewed by our experts.

If on the other hand you are a student who needs book reviewing service, we give our top most book reviewers because knows that this is a vital process that will add up to your overall marks in your term paper, and just like in any activity you undertake with us, our writers are always willing and are ready to share with you their skills. Some things are better done with the help of professionals. dedicates itself fully and commits itself to your work from the initial stages of preparation all the way to delivering you the work.

Home Academic Book Review Services


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