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Jesse James, known in full as Jesse Woodson James was born on 5th September 1847 and passed on 0n April 3rd 1882. He was an infamous outlaw gang leader, a train robber, bank robber and a murder in America, coming from a state known as Missouri and practically the most famous of the gang known as the James- Younger Gang.

To write a competent Jesse James essay, the student must be careful to get each single detail in regard to the outlawed sect member. There are some facts the student must get right;

     He was a celebrity in his life days

     Became legendary in the Wild West after he died.

     He had a brother Frank James, and they were confederate guerrillas in the course of the civil war.

     Accused of participation in atrocities against the union soldiers.

     They robbed banks, stagecoaches and trains after the war.

     Jesse James was killed on April 3rd 1882, by Robert Ford, a member of the gang led by James, living in James’ house and he hoped to get e State reward from killing James.

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Home Dissertations Services Essay Jesse James Essay Writing Service


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