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Japanese American Internment Essay

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Internment can be defined as confinement or imprisonment of large groups of people or simply people, without trial. A Japanese American Internment essay is written to cover the 1942 move by the United States government, to relocate and intern roughly 110, 000 Japanese and Japanese Americans, living along America’s pacific coast, to specific camps which were known as ‘ the war relocation camps’. This happened after the move by the Japanese to attack Pearl Habor;

     The process was applied all through the U.S though unequally.

     All Japanese Americans living on the West coast of the U.S were interned.

     62 % of all interned Japanese, Japanese Americans were U.S citizens.

     The internment order, the Executive order 9066 was authorized by the then president, Delano Roosevelt in the 9th of February 1942.

     It was an order recognizing ‘military areas’ as ‘exclusion zones’ whereby all persons were excluded.

     In the year 1988, legislation was passed by congress, and signed by Ronald Reagan, the president apologizing for the internment move, on behalf of the government of the U.S.

     The American government later disbursed $ 1.6 billion, in replenishment to all interned Japanese Americans, and their heirs.

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Home Dissertations Services Essay Japanese American Internment Essay


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