1642 Essay

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In the year 1642, a civil war broke out; it was the English civil war. It was a war between the Royalists and the parliament. The Royalists were led by Charles 1 and both sides of the civil war had a nickname each. Charles 1 side (the Royalists) were identified by the name Cavaliers while the parliamentarians side was known by the name The Round heads, led by Oliver Cromwell. The war began in the year 1642 and lasted through to 1646.



Causes of the 1642 civil war

The major cause of the 1642 civil war was the conduct of Charles I. He was a ruler who felt that he was God chosen hence had to rule his way. This was the cause of the major conflict which split the government into two. Charles never respected his Parliament and he always performed his tasks without consulting his parliament, for instance, he ruled for 11 years without the permission of the parliament; he never conducted any meeting with his parliament to discuss any state issues for 11 years.

A good lot of citizens went against Charles I, and so did most of his MPs, a document known as the Grand Remonstrance, which showed all the things which Charles did wrong was released but Charles did not agree with it.

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