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Testimonials - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Damian Lumbert

“Going through high school was not easy at all and coming to college hasn’t made studying any easier. Since the time I was in high school, I have always used to get reliable papers that enable me to attain top grades. It is through, the company that I managed to attain best grades that enabled me proceed to college. I am still using their services here in college and I have never regretted choosing them. Thankyou”


Rio Delgado

“Combining sports and academics is very tough. This is precisely because both of these activities are quite time consuming, thus they require a lot time investment in order to succeed in any of them. Being the captain of my football team, sports definitely took a bigger percentage of my time. This in turn shuttered my academics, and for a big percentage of my junior years in college, I was glued to getting extremely low grades. After learning of from a friend, my life was transformed since through the writing company, I was able to get first rate writing services that guaranteed me top grades. The company is truly made of professionals.”


Nancy Thomas

“Ever since I got diagnosed of leukemia, I knew that my normal life was going to be affected. I have spent most times changing from one hospital to the other and less time in my academic work. Since I knew that this was going to affect my academics, I searched widely for a reliable writing company in the net, and after many days of searching I was able to finally find I mainly chose the company due to the attractive guarantees that it had and since then I have never been remorseful about the choice that I made. They have always been able to provide me with quality services and within the time limit specified.”


Sasha Raymonds

“ has awesome services that cannot be easily provided by any other writing company. Since the time I started ordering services from the company, my grades have been up, and this has really encouraged me to continue to pursue my course further. Congratulations, you people rock.”


Bruce Adams

“I have received the services of different writing companies across the years, but none of them matches the articulacy displayed by the services offered at Through this site, I have been able to receive remarkable services that have enabled me to obtain extremely high grades that i have never attained before.”


About Us

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About Us - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

Writing is an art that deserves to be done with much precision and accuracy. Different papers are normally written for different reasons e.g. to get a good grade, to express one’s opinion, to show the results of an investigation and many others. For a paper to meet its objective, it has to be written professionally by well trained writers. Most people usually lack reliable writing expertise, and in order to come up with outstanding papers, they search for assistance from various online writers. Do you want best written papers that meet their objectives? Are you a student yearning for top grades? At, we have the solutions to such worries. Through us, customers are able to get quality papers in the least time possible.


At, we are very keen and reliable in the services that we render. Some of the reasons why customers should seek assistance from us include:


Proficient writers and editors

Most people do not possess the skills required to come up with a remarkable paper. For this reason, people usually come up with substandard contents that do not meet the aims intended. At, we have hired experienced writers and editors who are able to produce splendid writing services that satisfy customers fully. Throughout the years that the company has been in business, our customers have had nothing but praiseworthy comments that prove our quality service deliverance. Some  of the major characteristics that our writers possess include; fast speed, great accuracy while writing, top academic certifications, vast experience in writing and editing and last but not least they have great communication skills.

Excellent and available online services

Most people are usually busy doing this or that. Therefore, they lack adequate time to their papers in a keen and accurate manner. Due to tight schedules, many people usually fail to meet deadlines by which they are supposed to have handed in their papers. This is where reliable writing companies such as come in handy. The company offers 24/7 online services that allow customers to make orders at any time. The site has a very easy ordering system, thus, customers do not have to waste time while making an order. Making payments is also quite easy since customers do not have to form long queues and instead they use various online payment systems to make their payments.


People should also try and get writing assistance in order to take advantage of the various guarantees that writing companies offer. For example, offers guarantee such as:

  • 24/7 online services
  • Affordable writing services
  • Occasional offers by use of coupons
  • Unique contents
  • Impressive writing services



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What the company deals in? is a US based company that mainly deals with providing reliable writing services that satisfy customers. For the time that the company has been in operation, it has always managed to better students’ grades by providing them with well written papers that meet customers’ requirements. The company has put in place incredible human and technological resources that enable it to always provide magnificent services. So if you having a problem in  coming up with any form of writing, visit and make an order immediately.

What type of writing services do we offer?

There are many documents that can be written, and at, we offer outstanding services in all writings that a customer may need. Examples of the different documents that we offer services in are; essays, research papers, theses, dissertations, term papers etc. We have qualified writers who are able to provide such services, thus customers should be assured of reliability in all our services.
We also do editing and proofreading services so as to ensure that customers get flawless documents that meet their various aims.

How affordable are our services?

Affordability is a very crucial issue in any trading. With the current economic situation, many people are not able to afford expensive goods or services. When pricing our services, we have put into consideration the various financial hardships that the harsh economy has brought about. Thus we have set affordable prices for our quality writing services in order to ensure that people facing different financial situations are able to afford them.

Who does the actual writing of the orders?

Many customers are usually worried of who do the writing of their orders since they want nothing but the best. At, we have hired professional writers who are able to come up with first rate writing services. Our writers have professional qualifications that range from PhDs to undergraduate degrees in the relevant courses. Some of the positive characteristics that they have include; excellent communication skills, time cautiousness, wide writing experience and fast and articulate writing. Through our writers, customers do not have to worry about deadlines since they always ensure that they deliver finished orders on time.

Why choose us?

We are a legitimate company that provides quality services at very affordable prices. We also ensure customer satisfaction by providing guarantees such as:

  • on time deliveries
  • non-plagiarized contents
  • 100% money-back guarantees
  • 24/7 online services
  • occasional offers


Characteristics of genuine custom writing services

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At one time or the other, you might want to get help from a writing company. You may be a good writer, but time may not be on your side. You may also lack the skills needed to write a professional document be it academic, business, resume or admission essay. When you run a search on Google for "best custom writing company", you get millions of results nad filtering through this noise can be a douting task. Actually some of the services that rank very high are owned by crooks who just optimize there services for search engines, but lack proper business ethics. American Writing Center have looked into some of the issues that can help you identify fake and fly-by-night companies.

Characteristics of genuine custom writing services.


The best custom service provider will be reliable in terms of time. It should be a writing company which will give you enough writing support right from the beginning. The best service provider guarantees a timely submission of your essay order regardless of its technicality. They will also not take your order and return it later, claiming that it is out of their scope.


Originality is a basic factor to consider when choosing good genuine custom writing services. The best writing company will give you a guarantee of submitting an original essay to you. They will have invested in genuine plagiarism screening software to ensure you get non plagiarized essays. The best writing companies will understand the consequences of plagiarized work and will not submit a plagiarized essay to you.

Quality writers

If you want to know whether a writing company gives comprehensive genuine custom writing services, you should check its writers. A reliable writing company will have the best exposed writers who will have no trouble crafting you an essay. The best writers are the ones holding experience in academic writing, and writers who have been lecturers before will be the best for a writing company.

Privacy guarantee

A genuine custom writing service provider will not disclose your privacy. You might not want your privacy disclosed and the writing company in question should understand that. They must understand that using personal information like email addresses and other forms of identification without permission is a crime. They should also never post your complete essay on free websites or resell it to any other client.

They should be affordable

A genuine custom writing service provider will not charge exorbitant fees. It is important too not to choose a writing company which is extremely cheap, because chances are high that they write cheap essays. The best service provider will therefore be a moderate one in terms of charges. Beware too of writing companies which demand for full payment without delivery of work, some might not be genuine, hence check their authenticity before you pay. There must be no hidden charges.

  • Live chat services

It would be easy to identify if a writing company is a genuine custom writing service provider through it's services. The best dedicated writing company will have a toll free chat service to ensure it listens fully to the needs of it's clients. A chat service ensures a rapport is reached at between you as a client and the writing company, to ensure you get enough support in relation to the essay written. It should also have a knowledgeable client support staff which will answer your queries at any time of the day.

Free editing and revisions.

If a writing company guarantees you free editing or revisions on your essay, know it is a genuine custom writing service provider. The best writing company should have an editing panel, which will re-read your essay to ensure it is standard. They should also offer to revise your essay free of charge if you find it below your expectations.




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