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Medical Errors in Our Delivery System

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Medical errors are ranked eighth among the causes of the deaths witnessed in US. Every day, approximately 250 people are reported to die out of the medical errors that occur in the health care sector. Moreover, an approximated 44,000-98,000 people in the US are reported to die annually following the medical errors (Jenicek, 2010). Medical errors occur when a certain aspect planned to be part of the medical care fails to work out. A medical error is thus said to be the health care’s adverse effect that is preventable regardless of whether it is seen as evident or even harmful to a patient. These errors can happen in many areas of health-care system including the hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes, surgery centers in the outpatient department as well as in the patients’ homes.

The medical errors may involve various aspects like medicines, diagnosis, equipment, and surgery or laboratory reports (Naylor, 2010). For instance, an incomplete or inaccurate diagnosis or the treatment of any disease, syndrome, injury, or infection may constitute a medical error. Therefore, some of the medical errors could include misdiagnosis, wrong drug given to a patient, wrong-site surgical operations, retaining instruments used in surgery at the operation site as well as improper keeping of records.

The various researches done on the area of medical errors concur that it is difficult to measure the frequency of the medical errors in the systems of health care in the US. This is because some errors occur out of negligence and are unnoticed. It is estimated that 1% of the hospital admissions always have a medical error because of negligence (Sultz, 2010). Actually, the only mistakes that are identified are the ones, which lead to the measurable and clear adverse events that occur following the medical errors. This implies that the medical errors are very rampant in the US health systems of delivering care but many errors are not identified and hence are not rectified.......................................................................................................................

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