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Important Names In American History

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Importance Of Name In American History

The history of America is full of important names of people who helped shape this great country. Writing on the history of America, you will face many fascinating names and actions of important people that amazes on how they managed to hold on hardships that they encountered to create the United States of America. On of the important names that cannot be left out in the shaping of America we know today is Christopher Columbus. He discovered the new world; America in 15th century. Columbus made several journeys to central of America and South America after these. The first pilgrims of European settlers settled in a Plymouth colony, with half of them dying from malnutrition and diseases. The later settlers were not coward by these tragedies and kept on settling in America.

Settling in these colonies came with a lot of hardship as the Indians were not so pleased with newcomers. The war if Indians was fought up to the signing of the treaty of Paris in 1763. This had been prompted by the settles altitude toward the Native Americans and their form of worship. With many Europeans being Christians they did not respect the native form of worship. Many European settlers still had their ties to their mother land. Colonies were being protected by mother countries and had to pay taxes. An important name during this period is that of the New England leader, Oliver Cromwell. He introduced various navigation al decrees with a notable one declaring that no goods grown in Asia, Africa or America were to be transported to England except with English vessels. The decrees were targeting the Dutch maritime vessels which were great at the time. With the end of the Indian wars, the cost of maintaining the colonies to the British parliament was astronomical; taxes were the only way to recoup the war debts. George Grenville an important name during this period came to be the prime minister of England. He introduced various taxes acts, such as the sugar act and the stamp act.

What brought in the revolutions in America was the tea act introduced by another important name, Fredrick Lord North, the prime minister of England at the time, 1773. He intended to bail out the east India Company from going bankrupt. This angered many colonists. Without caring for the colonies protest on these levies and listening more to the directors of the east India Company, the Prime Minister repealed all the tea taxes and left the Townshend levy intact. The colonies were not in favor of the company tea though cheaper at the time. Riots broke out in various colonies against the British parliament. An important name during the riots is that of Samuel Adams. He dressed together with others as Mohawk Indians and attacked the vessels that had delivered tea. In total they destroyed 342 chest of tea. In retaliation the Boston harbor was closed with another notable important name being added into the history; that of the new governor, Thomas Gage. He was sympathetic of British soldiers and the new rules. The colonists wanted to boycott the British tea, but King George III another important name and his Prime Minister Lord North stood their ground with the rules.

Various skirmishes between the British government and colonialist erupted throughout the colonies. A notable important name, Thomas Paine who wrote a propaganda pamphlet titled “common sense|” changed the views of most colonialists towards how they viewed the crown. Some very important names such as Thomas Jefferson, roger Sherman, john Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingstone are credited with crafting of the declaration of independences document. The story of America history is an ending one. Visit the for more important names and their contribution to the making of history of America.


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