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Colonial unity, pre revolution period

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Colonial unity during the pre-revolution history of America started with identification with America. The first settlers to the new found land were people from England. They were later joined by various Europeans citizens from French, Dutch, Germans and Spain among others. Most of these settlers relied more on their mother countries for supplies and protection at the beginning. But with colonies glowing larger and population from different European descent increasing gradually, the colonist started experiencing the feeling of one nation; America. Colonial unity, in pre-revolution period was given a boost with introduction of more taxes from England after the French and Indian wars. There was very little unity in the periods before the revolution.

The periods before revolution, there were so any things that were pulling colonies towards unity. The Albany plan of union was one such meeting where the colonies discussed ideas of uniting together as a federal government under British crown. The unified federal government was to have power to make war, peace and command financial responsibility in the colonies. Although the idea did not materialize, it nevertheless introduced the notion of unity. Most of the colonies had their loyalty to their mother countries than England. With population increases, combining of various European and American cultures occurred through out the colonies. This gave the colonist a reason to unite as they could no longer identify fully with England or any other European country. Intermarriages and American culture had permeated their lives more; the only logical thing was to identify themselves as Americans.

The European in Europe was capable of identifying well with mother country than a European born in America. A child born of an Irish woman to a German father in America could not identify with any of the two mother countries but with America. Hector St. John described these unique phenomenon of America made of different cultures and their descendants in his letters from America in 1770. He talks of Europeans leaving behind their ancient manners and prejudices only to receive and embrace new way of life in America.

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