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Age of Exploration

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The age of exploration commonly referred to as age of discoveries stated early in 15th century and ended in 17th century. The exploration of the world was started by Europeans in search of trading partners, new trading goods and a new trade routes world wide. This was mostly by sea. Those European countries with advanced technology in sea fare were more endowed with navigators who undertook dangerous and tenuous journey across seas in search of routes to the east and Africa countries. Coincidentally it is the same period that the new world discovered by Europeans; America was discovered by the European explorer, Christopher Columbus in 15th century. Some explorers were going to the sea with a purpose of understanding the world better. Whatever the reasons were, these explorers advanced greatly the world geographical knowledge.

Whatever reason, most of these explores lacked funding, men and the correct kinds of ships to embark on their explorations. Most of them had to turn to their respective governments for assistance. Most governments had their own intension's of supporting explorations. Governments and leaders at the time were more interested in discovering of new route to the east for their silver and spice trades. This was prompted , when ottoman empire controlled by Arabs blocked the only route to the east, north Africa and the red sea limiting greatly the European trade as they conquered Constantinople in 1453. The early navigational voyages were carried out by Portuguese explorers using limited mapping of the sea, and thus covering only limited area of the sea. The exploration age came with new mapping and larger areas of exploration. In the search of a trade route to west Africa instead of having to transverse the Sahara desert, Portuguese took risk of venturing deep into the sea, only to discover the islands of Madeira and Azores in 1419 and 1427 respectively. By mid 1400s the Portuguese had managed to reach the coast of west Africa and established a trading port at Elmira.

Columbus voyage in search of the route to Asia was another notable voyage during the exploration period. Columbia thinking he had reached the Indies, landed in American in 1492. he shared the information of a new found world with Spain and the rest of Europe. Another Portuguese, Pedro Alvares Cabral explorer later, landed in Brazil and a protracted conflict arose between Spain and Portugal over the claim of newly found land. A treaty had to be drawn between the two countries that divide the new world into half in 1494.

Some more notable explorations that took place during these period were those carried out by Ferdinand II a Spanish monarch exploration of the new world , Sir Francis drake voyage round the world, Vasco Da Gama voyage to India and Bartholomeus Dias discovery of cape of good hope as well as Ferdinand Magellan who was also looking for a route to Asia, through north west passage and captain jams Cook voyage that mapped vast areas including Alaska. The end of the age exploration came with advancement in technology and settlement along the coastlines of newly found land, that created trade communication networks.

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