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The Native People in New England Essay Sample

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The history of the Native Americans spans over thousands of years. It is a story of dynamic cultures that brought about the intricate economic relationships and political alliances. However, regardless of the period, the bond of the First People remained a central theme. The Native People of New England shared cultures and languages. They were the Eastern Algonquian. It was not a group but many sub-groups.

Among the Native People of New England, there was the Pequots and Mohegans who lived in Connecticut, in Massachusetts there was the Wampanoag while the Pocumtucks inhabited the middle Connecticut River Valley. The Algonquian elders transmitted the cultural information to the younger descendants orally. Hence, they imparted the group's history, beliefs, knowledge on their origin, and moral lessons.

The Native People in New England prided themselves of maintaining their unity and the sense of identity. Their creation narratives helped the listeners to define the relationship between human beings and their creator. The settings of the stories established the Native American presence in New England, and their journey from time immemorial (Wiseman, 1995).

Their homelands were permanent landscapes of where the Native People lived. Some sites held meanings and would serve as focal points or gathering places. The Peskeompscut Falls was an important fishing ground while the Wequamps described the origin of the Pocumtuck Range (Proper, 1997).


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Home Sample Essays The Native People in New England Essay Sample


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