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Anti-reparations Essay Sample

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The people who carry out the anti-reparations campaign claim that the historical precedents that many uses to support the reparations claim is about the race and not the injury. The base of the argument is the unfounded observation that all the African-Americans suffer from the economic challenges that resulted from slavery and discrimination. The action is an attempt to turn them into victims. It sends the wrong message to the African-American community.

The anti-reparation argument has gained attention. The no moral/legal liability discussion has advanced the movement against reparations. The people who should pay for the damages did not get involved in the injustices of the past. It draws on a thought in the United States. The target should receive punishment basing on their personal culpability. One should be liable for the harm he caused only (America, 1995).

The courts and legislatures act on the idea of general culpability. Government officials commit crimes, yet the entire community is liable for their actions. Many anti-reparations supporters object the above. Corporations, which are a collection of shareholders, take the blame for their employees' acts. They insist that even though there is the possibility of continuing liability, the culprits should be the ones to pay.

The United States government should have the culpability of slavery and the African nations themselves. So far, we have not retained any benefits from the reparations (Beckles, 2012).


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Home Sample Essays Anti-reparations Essay Sample


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