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Cesar Chavez was a civil rights activist, labor leader, and farm worker from America. He was born on March 31, 1927. Together with Dolores Huerta, they co-founded the National Farm Workers Association. It later became the United Farm Workers union. He was a Mexican-American, who became the famous Latino-American to support activism (Pawel, 2010).

The American labor movement promoted Cesar Chavez because it was eager to register Hispanic members. He had the public-relations approach towards unionism. He was aggressive but chose non-violent tactics. He made the workers' struggle his moral cause and gained nationwide support. In the 1970s, his strategy forced the growers to view the UFW as the agent for over 50,000 laborers in Florida and California.

Cesar Chavez witnessed the dwindling of the UFW membership to around 15,000. Only a few institutions used his name. They included Colegio Cesar Chavez. However, he became an icon after his death. The Latino community registered many schools, parks and streets after him. His legacy is organized labor and leftist politics. He also symbolizes the support for workers and Hispanic empowerment.

Cesar Chavez popularized the slogan ''Si, Se Puede'' for Yes We Can. Barack Obama adopted it for the 2008 presidential campaign. His work led to numerous benefits for the union laborers. He died in 1993. In the pantheon of Mexican-Americas, he became an iconic ''folk saint.'' His birthday is a state holiday in Colorado, California, and Texas (Epifanio, 2009).

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