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Many view the Elizabethan Age highly when they consider it in light of the periods that had failed before it. They also study those that followed. The era observed internal peace between the religious battles and the English Reformation, and the competition of the Parliament and the monarchy. The Elizabethan Religious Settlement had settled the Protestant/Catholic divide. During the remainder of the 17th century, Parliament was not stable enough to handle the royal absolutism.

Everything was changing in England during the Elizabethan Age. The clothing innovations affected the Queen's attire to the commoners. The Elizabethan fashion was evolving into extravagant styles that were shapely. Some garments were essential. Everything in a proper outfit was important. The makeup too was part of the dressing. During the period, there was a vibrant textile culture. However, they wore according to their social class (Guy, 1988).

The Elizabethan clothing had accessories to match every outfit. There were home remedies that solved beauty problems. Some were risky but worth it. Glamor and Beauty marked the Elizabethan times. The first item was the chemise, which the lady put on after the stockings. The next was the corset and the bum-roll. The former made them look more shapely than without. It would minimize the waist. Hence, enhancing the chest area. They placed the latter on the hip region (Cressy, 1997).


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Home Sample Essays Elizabethan Clothing Essay Sample


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