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Civil War Reconstruction Essay Sample

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In the context of the U.S. history, the term Reconstruction Era has two senses. The first one looks at the period from 1865-1877 after the Civil War. The second one focuses on the transformations that occurred in the Southern U.S. from 1863-1877. The Congress directed the states and the society. From 1863-1865, the U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson were moderate in terms of the positions they took. Their agenda was to bring normalcy back to the South (Lynch, 1913).

During the Civil War Reconstruction era, the Radical Republicans applied the Congress to block all forms of moderation, impose harsh terms and better the rights of the freedmen. Johnson used a lenient policy towards the ex-Confederates, unlike Lincoln. The latter delivered speeches that leaned towards supporting the enfranchisement of the ex-slaves. Johnson opposed that. His interpretations of the policies prevailed until 1866, during the Congressional elections in the North.

They enabled the Radicals to take charge of the policy during the Civil War Reconstruction Era. They removed the former Confederates and enfranchised the freedmen. The Republican coalition was in power in almost all the Southern States. They wanted to transform the society and had planned to set up free labor economy. They would employ the Freedman's Bureau and the U.S. Army. The former protected the rights of the ex-slaves and also negotiated their labor contracts (Hyman, 1967).


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Home Sample Essays Civil War Reconstruction Essay Sample


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