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Illinois is in the Midwestern United States. It is the 25th largest state and the 5th most populous. Many note it as the microcosm of the country. Chicago is in its northeast, agricultural productivity and industrial cities in northern and central Illinois, and natural resources in the south. It is also a transportation hub and an economic base. Its Port of Chicago connects to other global ports. The O'Hare International Airport is one of the world's busiest airports. It is also a bellwether in cultural and social terms and politics (Cole, 1987).

Illinois's population center is around Chicago. The first European settlement was in the west. The French Canadians settled near the Mississippi River and gave the state its name. After the American Revolutionary War, people started inhabiting from Kentucky through the Ohio River. Illinois achieved statehood in 1818. The construction of the Erie Canal led to the increase of trade and traffic through the Great Lakes (Bridges et al. 1984).

Illinois capital city Chicago began on the banks of the Chicago River in the 1830s. It is among the few natural harbors on the south of Lake Michigan. The self-scouring steel plow; an invention by John Deere attracted immigrant farmers from Sweden and Germany. The railroads transported their commodity crops and the people to their new homes. In the 1900s, there was the growth of industrial jobs and coal mining. The two attracted populations from Southern and Eastern Europe.


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Home Sample Essays Illinois Essay Sample


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