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Jordan's Furniture has six locations. They are in Avon, Taunton, Reading, Natick, Nashua, and Warwick Mall. It is a furniture retailer in New England. Samuel Tatelman started the company in 1918. The first sale was in Waltham, Massachusetts. The back of a truck was his base until 1926. His son Edward joined the business in the late 1930s. Years later in 1973, Eliot and Barry Tatelman took over from their father, Edward. They shifted the advertisement from the Waltham paper to the radio (Buteau, 2007).

In 1983, the two built and opened a Jordan's Furniture location in Nashua, New Hampshire. The next one was in Avon, Massachusetts in 1987. It created the largest traffic jam on Route 24 ever. They had to use the radio to beg clients not to come. The customers had to endure long lines before they could get an opportunity to view the showroom. The launch of the Motion Odyssey Movie was in 1992. It was in the Avon store.

The biggest Jordan's Furniture location is in Natick, Massachusetts. Barry and Eliot opened it on April 17, 1998. It has a Bourbon Street/Mardi Gras theme. It was their introduction to the Metro West area. In 1999, the brothers sold the company to Berkshire Hathaway; he was an insurance conglomerate. They intended to increase the financial backing for future growth. However, nothing changed operationally (Bahr, 2009).


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Home Sample Essays Jordan's Furniture Essay Sample


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