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Immigration to Ellis Island Essay Sample

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The Ellis Island's location is in the Upper New York Bay. At one time, it was millions of immigrants' gateway to the United States. From 1892 to 1954, it was the busiest inspection station. Following the land reclamation between 1892-1934, there was an expansion of the island. From 1965, it was part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. Many considered it to be part of New York until the United States Supreme Court's 1998 decision discovered that most of it is in New Jersey.

The 35 years before the opening of the Ellis Island, New York officials had processed over eight million immigrants, at the Castle Garden Immigration Deport. It was in Lower Manhattan. The federal government had taken over the matter on April 18, 1890. The Congress appropriated about $75,000 to construct a station on Ellis Island. In the meantime, they were using the Barge Office at Battery (Pitkin, 1975).

The first immigration point in Ellis Island was a three structure. It had all the amenities that the government thought were necessary. The opening celebrations were on January 1, 1892. On the first day, 700 immigrants passed over the docks. There was the processing of over 450, 000 people, during the first year. There were plans to build another fireproof building. Therefore, the activities shifted to the Barge Office (Moreno, 2010).


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Home Sample Essays Immigration to Ellis Island Essay Sample


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